Rose in Thorns is a boutique of beautiful objects to enhance your environment handcrafted in Christchurch, New Zealand. Currently we have a range of candles made from sustainable waxes to inspire your senses and enhance your home. We use recycled or renewable materials where possible when making our candles and in our packaging.


Rose Wells, the designer behind Rose in Thorns has been making handcrafts from a young age. Her interest in candlemaking began in a high school science class, where the students each made simple candles. After this introduction, she began experimenting with melting down candles, and researched different techniques at the library. As she added more skills and materials to her repertoire, her collection of candles grew with them.

Candle making took a back seat for the next few years, while she focused on study and establishing a career in graphic design. Once she got back into making candles, an outlet for them was required. This timed nicely with the resurgence of the local craft scene, and a supportive community of local crafters was found after discovering Felt, an online marketplace for handmade.

As sustainability became more important, it became clear that paraffin wax didn't fit in with this ethos. She researched natural and plant waxes, as well as recycling wax from used candles in order to find a more sustainable source of wax. A commitment was made not to purchase any more paraffin wax, and to only use it in the form of recycled wax.

Felt shop was setup in 2008, and since then the business has grown while Rose continues to develop the range and include more environmentally friendly materials.