Sustainability & recycling


At Rose in Thorns we believe in using what we have, as well as thinking about where our materials come from and where our products might end up. We source our wax either from renewable resources or recycle old wax from used candles. Our candle containers are either made from recyclable materials such glass or tin, or recycled containers like old teacups. We also encourage our customers to return their empty candle containers to us to be reused.


Return any used Rose in Thorns candle for recycling, and receive a 20% discount on a new candle*, or return four used Rose in Thorns candles, and receive a free candle**.

Candles can be dropped them off at Pay it Forward, 45 Nancy Ave, Mairehau if you're based in or near Christchurch. The discount can be redeemed on returned candles that are also available in store. For any other Rose in Thorns candles, or if the person working in store is unsure about whether the candle is by Rose in Thorns, you can leave your details and we will get in touch with a discount code for you to use. Otherwise you can get in touch with us to arrange posting them back.

Alternatively, empty tins and tealights can be cleaned in hot soapy water and placed in your recycling bin. Teacups and glass containers can be returned to us to be refilled, or washed out in hot soapy water and reused.

Empty tins and tealight cups can be returned to us for recycling. Alternatively, wash them in hot soapy water to be reused, or put in your recycling bin. Teacups and beer/wine bottle glasses can be returned to us to be refilled, or washed out in hot soapy water and used as drinking vessels.

Any old candles, dripped wax or empty candle containers can be brought to us for recycling.

Where possible we use packaging and labels that are recyclable, biodegradable or recycled.

*redemption is for a candle of equal or lesser value than returned candle.
**free candle is to be equal or lesser value of lowest value returned candle.
If returned candle is no longer in stock, redemption will be for item of similar value.